Japanese pop singer Atari Kousuke started his singing career in Anami, a Japanese traditional musical genre. In this video, he has returned to his roots: Advertisements


It might be a long time before I come back to Taipei, but I’ll always cherish the trips that I have made to this island. Good-bye, Taipei… The moon lingers while I am singing The shadow scatters while I am dancing We cheer in delight when being awake We separate apart after getting drunk Li […]

People were right when they said Yangon today is like Vietnam 15 or 20 years ago: much of its infrastructure is on the verge of collapsing, power outage is considered normal, and a typical tourist is left with almost nothing to do after visiting the most famous historical sites. Having said that, I must say […]

    Saigon is probably the most future-oriented city of Vietnam. My birthplace has never stopped being the melting pot where all diverse elements of Vietnamese culture meet and assimilate. It never ceases to adop, adapt and re-invent itself. Even as the evidence of modernization and US pop culture have overpowered all others, traces of […]

Ha Noi 2012

North Gate, one of the last remnants of a fortress that once protected Hanoi from invaders.